Engaging Men and Boys

Working with men and boys as allies, stakeholders, beneficiaries, and perpetrators is critical to ensuring sustainable and systemic change on violence against women and girls.

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Gender transformative work with men and boys

The prevention of VAWG has often been perceived as a women’s and girls’ issue and women’s work. Historically feminist groups and allies have created services and education on VAWG. However, most perpetrators of VAWG are men and we all exist in a patriarchal system that condones, provokes, and legitimizes male violence.

Activists and social justice organizations around the world are developing gender transformative approaches that focus on engaging men and boys in preventing VAWG and dismantling harmful masculinities that negatively affect women and men.

Gender transformative initiatives that involve men and boys as allies and stakeholders are a key and promising way to ensure a future where VAWG is something of the past.


View some resources about engaging men and boys in primary prevention of violence against women and girls.


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