Toolkit and Training

Developing gender-transformative messages for the primary prevention of VAWG

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Toolkit Overview

Primary prevention of violence against women and girls aims to prevent VAWG before it happens. It is challenging to change the social conditions that produce, drive, and reinforce VAWG. This involves a gender transformative approach that both changes harmful norms, practices and structures that drive VAWG and reduces gender inequities at the same time.

Gender transformative primary prevention of VAWG in specific contexts

Research has identified key social contexts for developing primary prevention and gender equity work, including the family, educational settings, workplaces, sports, and faith-based contexts. The following resources provide a summary of promising gender transformative initiatives for preventing VAWG in these crucial contexts in Canada. These resources will support organizations working in these sectors in preventing VAWG and furthering gender equity.

Gender transformative media reporting for primary prevention of VAWG

The media also have a role in preventing VAWG. Reporting that exposes the underlying social drivers of VAWG can change the culture and attitudes that perpetuate this violence. This resource will facilitate and inspire gender transformative media reporting approaches that contribute to the primary prevention of VAWG in the Canadian context.

Discussion guides on gender transformative prevention messaging

Current prevention messaging for VAWG has been tailored to address gendered beliefs, norms, behaviours and practices held by, or affecting, both specific and general populations. This first discussion guide summarizes current thinking and action on gender transformative prevention messaging with both specific and general populations and invites suggestions on public communication in the Canadian context.

The second discussion guide is for organizations working with men and boys that are addressing the prevention of VAWG or are interested in beginning work in this area. It provides examples of approaches to developing gender transformative messaging with and for men and boys that organizations can refer to and utilize in their work.

Background Research

We conducted searches of the academic and grey literature for gender transformative approaches to primary prevention of violence against women and girls to inform the development of this toolkit.

Training Module

This course will support prevention practitioners, community workers, communications specialists and program designers in creating gender transformative messaging in various contexts and spheres of influence for the primary prevention of VAWG.

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